The Myths Of Working From Home


Many people who desire to work from home all have the same idea about laying down all day in their pajamas. Those who work from home can tell many stories of dealing with jealous friends and family members who chide them that they really don’t have a job. Just like anything else, the actual reality of working from home is much different that people’s perspectives. Sure, you can work in your pajamas and take breaks whenever you want without a boss breathing down your neck, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

No matter where you do it from, work requires effort. There are challenges that are presented from working from home, just like working in a regular office. There are many notions about working from home that are actually just myth.

Myth #1: Working from home is easier than working in an office.

While there are certain parts of working from home that are easier, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, you don’t have to sit in a cubicle and listen to phones that ring off the wall. You don’t have coworkers stealing your ideas. You can take breaks whenever you want. Working from home requires a higher level of determination and discipline. If you don’t keep yourself on task, you may have to stay up all night just to meet a deadline. If you don’t stick to your schedule, you will end up with more unhappy clients and let’s face it – who wants to deal with that?

Myth #2: It isn’t really a job.

Many workplaces measure their productivity by those who sit behind a desk. IF the boss sees you working from before your shift and after, he or she will assume you are giving it your all. Those who can’t see your efforts, don’t really believe you do anything more than surf the web or play on social media all day. Those who work from home, tend to work harder to produce results to substantiate their work from home claim.

Myth #3: You can do what you want.

While it is true that you have more flexibility when you work from home, it doesn’t mean you can cast aside your daily duties and put off your workload just because you want to. Savvy schedulers are able to manage their time wisely and stay on task. Too many absences can affect your work just as it does in the corporate setting.

Myth #4: People who work from home live a more balanced lifestyle.

Working in a general 9 to 5 position, you have the option of leaving work at work. When you work from home, your work brain is always in work mode. In some cases, people who work from home will work more hours.

Myth #5: Anyone can work from home.

If you are someone who can’t work unsupervised or without direction, then working from home is definitely not for you. If you can’t keep a schedule and are easily distracted, then you might want to consider keeping that regular 9 to 5.