Back To The Future? Or Is The Future Already Here?


In 1989, Michael J. Fox wowed audiences when he hopped up on his very own hover board to make a swift getaway in the second installment of the Back to the Future movies. Back then things like this seemed to be a dream – but today that dream is becoming a reality.

Toyota has done it again! They are taking the term back to the future to a whole new level.

A Hint into the Flying Car

The automaker has been dropping hints for some time that they are working on technology that would render flying cars. The suspense has been building for some time. Now, the luxury brand of Lexus has actually done what many have talked about. They have created a real hover board that works. It’s not for sale – yet, however it is very real.

Lexus is working on plans to begin testing on the prototype. They want to head to Barcelona this summer. They are looking forward to sting a date that will tie in with the films.

Technology that is Zooming around the Country

Magnets and superconductors that use liquid nitrogen to cool down are bringing these boards to life according to Lexus. In Toyota’s home country, this technology is already zooming about. Last year, a railway company from Japan set a new world record. They used a magnetic-levitation train to set a new speed world record.

Toyota has been studying the flying car for quite some time in their advanced R & D area of the company. It is completely confidential information. According to managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki in the Technical Administration Group of Toyota, “Flying car means that the car is only a little bit away from the surface of the road, so it won’t have any resistance or friction from the road.”

These are exciting times that we live in. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. More and more things are being developed that are creating an advanced computer dependent society. Who knows what they will think of next – but for now, road enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to see the first designs of the hover board.

In the future, Lexus plans to disclose more information. They have specified that it will be on October 21st, 2015. This is a significant date – it is the day that Marty, Doc, and Jennifer all went back to the future. What roads? Where they are headed, there is no need for roads.