3 Simple Tricks To Beat Online Slots


These 3 simple tricks will pretty much guarantee your success with Online Slots.

Many players don’t research their casino before they start gambling, so we did it for you. We had a team of gambling experts research and provide us with the best tips and tricks to make money from Slots.

The research indicated that welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, promotions and pay out rates are highly tricky and sometimes misleading.

So what do we do?

Firstly we need to take a closer look at the welcome bonus:

The best bonuses are actually the small ones. Free spins is probably the last option you are looking for if you intend on earning any money, but it’s still a fair option if you want to check out the games and try and earn a buck here and there.

The best option is to find which welcome bonus has the lowest wager and stick with it, the lower the wager the easier it is start earning big on the slot.

This is a good example for a low wager, deposit $20 and receive $20 bonus after betting $100. This can be done easily where winning bets are frequent.

Payout Rates:

The key to determining the better paying casinos is to pick those with the low margin games. Play consistently and with a bit of luck you can start making real money.


Casinos offer very generous promotions, however you need to be careful and read the terms and conditions, it is known that not all games qualify for the promotion you choose.

VIP Programs:

Online casinos are not that different from land-based casinos, they will take very good care of their most valued players, but even winning players are considered VIP players which will result in extra bonuses, loyalty points and invites to special events. Make sure you read all the requirements to become a VIP before you choose your casino, these tools will increase you chances in earning BIG.

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