McDonald’s Employee Tells Boss to P*ss Off After Winning $362,259 On Lunch Break




Everyone remembers joking around with our coworkers about what we would do if we hit the jackpot. Turns out McDonald’s Employee Martin Reiter got lucky enough to tell his boss the words we all dream of, this happened after Martin won a ridiculous amount of money in just 15 minutes on a online gambling website.

During one of Martin’s brakes he saw an advertisement for Free Spins on a gambling website, no point in turning that down, after 15 minutes Martin cashed out $362,259 on the progressive jackpot, which is pretty much 25 annual salaries. Martin Said: “I couldn’t believe it, only after I saw the $362,259 in my balance, I knew this was no joke”.  That was the point he spits out a few “good” words to his boss and has his dramatic exit.

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