10 Things Men Don’t know about Women


Today, both men and women have made strides in understanding one another, but there still remains those certain feminine truths that no man has been able to grasp completely. There are many different things that men really don’t know about women. This is mainly because, women don’t want them to know these things.

  1. When a man says he has no interest in having children that becomes a deal breaker for a woman in their child-bearing years.
  2. Many women enjoy peeing outdoors or in the shower. There is just something about the freedom that goes along with it that is so appealing.
  3. For some weird reason, women enjoy plucking hairs. They pluck hairs from their chin, lips, toes, legs and just about anywhere they can reach. They enjoy the stubborn hairs. For some reason, it is a satisfaction that is sweet.Image 1
  4. When a woman is in love with a man, she is also in love with his smell. Women will smell a man’s clothes or his pillow that he sleeps on, especially when he’s not around. If they were ever caught doing this they would be mortally embarrassed.
  5. All women fantasize. Women often wish that sex was a more open and casual thing from time to time. They have thought about hitting up a swinger’s party, having a threesome, or being the dirty stripper for an evening – but they wish to do so without the emotional consequences.Image 3
  6. Deep down, they really hope that a guy’s best friend or his group of regular buddies would want to sleep with them. Most often they will dress in a flirty manner just to fuel those fires. Women don’t want to sleep with them, it’s just the thrill of being wanted and knowing you still have it.Image 4
  7. Catcalls and cheers from men on the street don’t really bother women. As long as they aren’t nasty or rude, it is a flattering occurrence.Happy woman laying on bed
  8. Women enjoy your jealousy. It shows them you care and are protective and they love feeling those things from you.
  9. Through social media, a woman will keep a casual eye on her Ex. It doesn’t mean she still has feelings with them, it just means that it is a curiosity that must be satisfied.
  10. On a girl’s night, women often act like bad girls! They will sneak a cigarette, drink more than they should, and they will tell everything they know about you…every last thing.